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Tree Care, Removal, and Branch Pruning

Regular pruning and proper care ensures your trees live longer and retain a natural, pleasing appearance.

Selective pruning on a regular basis is necessary for 3 reasons:

1. It opens the interior of the plant allowing air to circulate and sunlight to penetrate.

2. Removing dead limbs maintains a healthy appearance and prevents limbs from falling in severe weather.

3. A healthy, well-maintained tree is less susceptible to pest infestation and disease.

Pruning can be a dangerous task, especially on older, larger trees. It’s best to consult a trained aborist first. Proper and regular maintenance of these landscape plants will ensure their continued good health, pleasing appearance and enhance property value.

The arborists on staff at Clean Energy Maintenance recommend the following treatments for trees and shrubs:

Root Feeding

Make sure your trees and shrubs get the nutrients the need through our deep root fertilization and feeding services. We use specialized equipment to supply custom fertilizer blends to the root zone of the plant. Shrub and tree fertilization is important in the development of a healthier, more beautiful landscape.

Specialty Injections

Tree trunk injections are useful for fertilization trees and controlling insects and disease. If your yard contains trees that are taller than 20 feet and are located where conventional methods are not an option, you should consider adding specialty injections to your tree program.

Insect/Disease Prevention

Our tree maintenance and shrub care programs also include complete solutions for insects and disease control. From leaf diseases to invasive insects, Clean Energy’s experienced lawn technicians have the expertise to diagnose and treat a variety of tree and shrub conditions. Some of the applications and treatments we provide:

Dormant Oil Application

Spring Fungicide/ Insecticide Application

Spring Deep Root Fertilizer

Summer Insecticide Application

Fall Deep Root Fertilization

Winter Burn Protection of Evergreens

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Having your trees and shrubs regularly maintained is the best long-term strategy to promote longevity and health.

However, in some instances, you might consider taking down a live tree that is dying or diseased. If a tree is interfering in the growth of other trees, obstructs a driveway, building, utility wires, or deprives grass of sunlight, you should consider removal.

Tree removal in most landscapes requires a level of skill and experience that is best left to certified arborists. Dismantling trees in close proximity of other trees, homes, and/or valuable property requires the use of specialized equipment operated by experienced arborists. Jeff Huber is our ISA-Certified Arborist on-staff at Clean Energy Maintenance. There are many factors and methods to consider when removing a tree. A standard tree removal will consist of taking down the tree, chipping all the branches and brush, cutting the stump as close to the base as possible, and stacking the logs near the base of the tree. We can perform stump grinding and tree root removal as well.

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