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Our Approach To
Lawn Care

As local lawn care professionals, we take our commitment to our community seriously. That includes offering you the highest quality service performed in an environmentally responsible manner by trained and licensed technicians.

A balanced lawn care program provides all the nutrients a lawn requires for optimum health and appearance. Our program is set up to deliver these nutrients throughout the year at the proper time while removing weeds and monitoring the lawn for disease and insects. We make sure each application is provided at the perfect time for superior results. We are also proud to offer an Organic-Based Fertilizer option that feeds the soil and lawn, while still delivering the results you expect. These organic amendments promote microbial activity that promotes strong root growth. Stronger roots build drought resistance and better protect your lawn from diseases.

Custom Treatments To Keep Your
Lawn Healthy All Year Long


Insect control with slow released fertilizer applied. Lawn inspected for weeds, nutsedge and disease.

Early Fall

Slow release fertilizer applied to restore nutrients depleted during fall growth and spot weed control applied.

Late Fall

Fertilizer applied to help alleviate winter stress and promote next year’s “green-up.”

Early Spring

Pre-emergent crabgrass control is applied before germination begins along with a slow release fertilizer.


Broad-leaf weed control applied to remove any existing weeds and follow-up treatments made throughout the year.

Early Summer

Grubs can destroy a lawn in a very short period of time. We guarantee our treatment, if one re-surfaces we’ll re-treat your lawn at no cost.

Organic Lawn
Care Program

Our “Clean ’n Green” Organic lawn care program is just that – an option that you can add to our existing programs. The difference is with the organic choice option we use an organic-based fertilizer that introduces organic materials to your soil. Sometimes customers opt for a mix of organic and traditional treatments for their property, and that’s fine. We can accommodate you however you would like.

Custom Treatments To Keep Your
Lawn Healthy All Year Long

Soil Testing

A soil test measures pH balances which indicate whether lime is needed and how much to apply.

Lawn Mowing

We offer this service on an as-needed basis or for seasonal lawn contracts. We service business complexes, residential properties, strip malls, apartment and condominium communities. Our company also provides bush-hogging for those unique mowing situations that require heavier equipment.


Anytime the soil is compacted, core aeration effectively opens the pores of your soil and is one of the most important cultural practices available for your lawn. Aeration helps control thatch, improves the soil structure and create growth pockets for new roots. It also opens the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone.

Aeration works by removing thousands of small cores of soil from 1-3″ in length from your lawn. These cores slowly break down and dissolve back into your lawn in the following weeks. The holes created by this treatment allow fertilizers, water and air to go down deeper into the root zones while relieving soil compaction. This results in a stronger, healthier root system necessary to achieve the best quality lawn possible.

Nutsedge Application

Applications made for yellow nutsedge on an as needed basis and only after problem has been brought to customer’s attention.

Disease Protection

Applications of fungicide applied only after disease has been identified and brought to customers attention.

Lime Application

Yearly limestone treatments result in a soil condition that will enable a lawn to reach its full potential and best appearance.

Top Dressing

We provide top dressing services for all types of applications and with various materials and our equipment is capable of top dressing at any depth. Replenishing organic matter to your turf is an essential part of turf management. The combination of core aeration and top dressing can literally amend your soil while still keeping your lawn and/or sports field available for activities. Whether you’re a home owner or a turf manager of a sports field, we can provide this service cost effectively.

Our conscientious, experienced lawn mowing crews stand apart from other companies. Instead of just mowing and trimming, we take quality care of our clients and their properties. We mow in nice straight lines, then we alternate directions with each visit for that checkerboard look. With each mowing, Clean Energy Property Services neatly edges walks and beds then we blow off all debris for a polished look.

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