Landscape Maintenance & Management

Keep Your Property Clean And Well Maintained All Year Long

Whether your property is large or small, your need is simple or elaborate, commercial or residential, proper maintenance is the key to its beauty. Our maintenance managers and crew leaders provide all the tools and services needed to keep your property healthy and beautiful all year long, freeing you to concentrate on your core business or spending time with family and friends.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Our spring clean-up service is very important for a healthy lawn. The basic spring clean-up spruces up your lawn by removing all leaves, sticks, and debris. A more thorough spring clean-up can include the following:

Removing dead growth from
landscape beds

Repairing any snowplow damage

Redefine landscape beds, which is important to keep mulch in and create a manicured look

It is also important to apply a pre-emergent weed control this time of year


Many customers choose to have mulch installed in conjunction with their spring clean-up, in which case we will redefine your existing landscape beds at no additional charge.

It is important to make an investment in fall clean-up to ensure a healthy lawn next spring. The basic fall clean-up includes removing all debris and leaves from the property, which helps prevent mold and other diseases forming over the winter months. In the early fall, we will remove any annuals that have finished blooming. In late fall, we will cut back any perennials that have finished blooming and growing for the year. Fall clean-up can be done with a one-time visit approach, or our crews can service your lawn every other week during the fall season to keep your property looking fresh and polished. Contact us today to get started!

Snow & Ice Removal

Clean Energy’s teams of dedicated professionals provide a wide variety of snow removal services for your property in a timely and efficient manner. It is crucial that your commercial property remain accessible during and after snow and ice storms. Using state-of-the-art techniques, materials and equipment, our top priority is to keep your roads, lots and entrances clear of snow and ice for the safety and convenience of your staff and customers. For residential accounts, the safety of your family and guests is our ultimate goal and we have consistently achieved excellent results and countless recommendations from our satisfied clients. We’re able to provide customized 24-hour service for your convenience.


Fully equipped to handle commercial lots as well as residential driveways

Additional Snow Removal

Equipped with front end loaders, skid steers and dump trucks to provide timely service

Surface Treatment

Treatment includes rock salt for all driving surfaces

Walkway Treatments

Secure, safe, magnesium chloride on all walkways and sidewalks

Shoveling/Snow Blowing

Clear snow and ice from walkways, awning, overhangs, and drain

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