Our Past Projects

Eastern Lancaster County Project

Clean Energy Maintenance took on a large-scale project at a farm house in beautiful Eastern Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The owner bought the farm house in 2011 and has partnered with Clean Energy in 2012. Since then, seasonal work has been done each year, both small projects and large scale.

This specific photographed project captures the phases of hardscaping work done to build a pool. This was considered the 4th phase in the overall property project. Family is a huge part of the owner’s life, and this pool was specifically built with his grandchildren in mind. The homeowner specifically wanted a mahogany door and wall built into the bank to look like a cold cellar. Clean Energy Maintenance is a certified contractor for Techo-Bloc stone, and the concrete paver is made from the Aberdeen slab collection . A mechanical piece helped place the 30×30 pieces (weighing over 300 pounds each!) perfectly.

Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace Lititz, PA Project

Clean Energy Maintenance does extensive lawn, tree, and shrub care at this beautiful property in Lititz, PA. The homeowners wanted to incorporate brick and bluestone into this project, so we used an EP Henry retaining wall around their brick patio and tied in brick and PA bluestone onto the fireplace. The homeowners also wanted to be able to sit on top of the wood boxes next to the fireplace.

The outdoor bar area is created in an “L” shape because the family wanted to seat a minimum of 10 people. It was important for them to have enough room for a refrigerator, storage area, and a big grill. The countertop drops down and there’s a cooler for drink storage.

Outdoor Waterfall Wyomissing PA Project

This gorgeous property in the Wyomissing area incorporated a 14 ft tall waterfall. The customer wanted to create a natural environment for enjoyment while they are entertaining on their patio. This waterfall feature can be enjoyed from the living room and the entire backside of the second floor.

Clean Energy Maintenance completed a gorgeous built-in kitchen area with granite counter tops. The customer strategically planned the layout to accommodate a big Green Egg Grill.

The EP Henry patio uses conventry pavers, laid in a random pattern for a unique look. This property’s exquisite work is tied together with colorful annuals placed around the patio and home in hanging planters.

Custom Pool & Patio Brownstown, PA Project

This Brownstown property incorporates a mix of modern and eclectic landscape and custom hardscaping. The front entrance of the home has a 26 inch natural dry stacked stone wall. A powder coated aluminum trellis accents the garage wall. Within 2 years this trellis will have a diamond pattern of pyracantha shrubs.

The back outdoor living area is a sea of color and comfort, with a sweet smell coming from the magnolias. The beautiful custom pool has a sitting area facing towards the fireplace. The natural stone fireplace is built with 2 wood boxes on each side for easy and accessible fires. Limelight hydrangeas line the right side of the fireplace area, incorporating red knock out shrub rows.

The covered patio area was built with luxury and entertaining in mind. Clean Energy Maintenance wanted a natural look, so large natural stepping stones were lined from the pool to the porch area.

Outdoor lighting was included throughout the whole back yard living area along with an outdoor sound system. Clean Energy Maintenance can also supply any outdoor living furniture no matter the size, color, or style.

Water Feature and Hardscaping Project, East Earl, PA

This East Earl PA 1,600 square foot property incorporates a small but beautiful waterfall feature in the front of the yard. The waterfall was built using small stepping stones and wraps around the bottom patio area. The upper walkway has lots of Coreopsis Moonbeam and shrub shrows.

The EP Henry patio area has a large 5 foot natural dry stacked sitting wall lined with Crepe myrtle and a Japanese Lace Leaf Maple lining the backside. Many lily pads and colorful flowers inspire this getaway space.

Custom Pool Project, Lancaster, PA

This beautiful patio and pool area is located in Lancaster, PA. Ipe Wood lines the entire pool’s exterior and fire pit sitting area. This type of hard and durable wood has to be cleaned and stained every year to maintain its appearance.

The fire pit area is lined with several clump birch trees. Clean Energy Maintenance incorporated a lot of Karl Foerster grass to soften up the aluminum fencing.

The front of the home has 4 natural stone pillars to match the stone on the house. Clean Energy Maintenance used a flagstone on the top and unique lighting. 12 foot trees were incorporated in the side bank of the landscape, to fit with the large size of this property. A lot of perennials were incorporated in the Spring, with a mix of color and textures.